Our core beliefs and guiding documents

CoroUniting exists by the grace of God alone. We believe God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is actively drawing people to himself today to receive the forgiveness and renewal found in him. We are made witnesses to this by the Holy Spirit. So, by his grace, we come together to know and love him, to learn from him through Spirit-led biblical preaching, to love one another through acts of service and to be a family together. We suffer together and have fun together. We love and cater for kids, youth and older people alike because together we are the people of God. If you visit us, you will be encouraged to know him and his grace and to live in the dance of the Spirit as we wait for the great day when Jesus returns to make all things new.

View this statement for more information about what we believe.

In August 2010 our Church Council approved a set of Guiding Principles. They have been designed as a key way to direct and evaluate what we do and they help to shape the ethos of our church family and structure.

As a Uniting Church in Australia we are guided by the following documents:

As members of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC) and the Hope Network (HopeNet) we affirm the following memoranda of understanding (MOU):