Faith is more caught than taught and this happens as children observe and then model what they see significant adults in their lives say and do.

Children spend much of their time at home and the way in which parents model faith at home is of paramount importance. There are several practical ways in which we seek to encourage and support parents as they nurture faith at home.

Take-Home Resources: We provide regular resources for use at home, all of which correspond with what is being taught in our Sunday morning KBG program. We use the 252 Basics curriculum which includes BedTime stories, GodTime devotionals and MealTime discussion starters. In addition to this there is a huge amount of online material including blogs (for both kids and parents), music and videos, dramas, skits – even an app. Click here for more information.

Faith Family: Faith Family is a colourful, quarterly 4-page leaflet that encourages parents and gives them lots of ideas for living out their faith in their homes and helping their children grow in faith. These are distributed free of charge to those families at Coro, but can also be ordered from here.

Teach Your Children Well: We want to bless and encourage parents who are raising their children today. A couple of years ago we put together a small booklet for parents to pass on their wisdom, hoping that the shared experiences of others would be a rich resource for our families. The booklet Teach Your Children Well can be downloaded here.