Someone once quipped that parenting is the only job you can never get trained for – you can read all the manuals, attend all the how-to sessions, but when it comes to actually looking after your own child, we’re all learners.

To care for, nurture and raise another human being is a wonderful privilege and a profound experience. As a church our desire is to encourage and equip parents to be the best they can be and to model faith to their children in real and effective ways.

We believe that the best way for children to grow in faith is when the church and family work together and you can find more information and resources about this, including the take home resources for KBG, on the Faith at Home page.

Both The Parenting Children Course (for 1-10 year olds), and The Parenting Teenagers Course (for 11-18 year olds) run for 5 weeks and are for all parents/carers whether parenting on their own, as step-parents or as a couple.

Each course includes informative and fun practical talks with film clips, street interviews and advice from parenting experts as well as small group discussions with parents at a similar stage.

Please email David if you are interested in finding out more. Course costs are $30 per person or $50 per couple and include course material and delicious supper (including freshly ground coffee).