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Sanctuary Upgrade

We are excited to let you know the progress on the upgrade of the church sanctuary, as promised in April.

Through the Lord’s ever generous provision and thanks to the hard work of the Administration Team we are happy to announce the following:

  • The church will be re-painted and re-carpeted in the near future. The carpet will be similar to that in the church foyer.
  • The suggested changes to the platform will at this stage not be going ahead. There are however a couple of changes that are being looked at to make it safer and provide more space.

More information? Refer this letter from the church eldership. A number of printed copies are also available from The Retreat.

Canberra Walk for Refugees (Sat 24 Feb – Sun 11 Mar)

Jenny Richards’ brother Adam and nephew Ned commence their Sydney to Canberra Walk for Refugees this weekend, which calls for a closure of the Manus and Nauru processing centres.

Please be praying for their trip and the events. Please also get involved in their Social Media Photo Campaign over the next fortnight, which allows you to symbolically stand with those who are going to the rallies.

If you’re finding it hard to arrange and upload your photo, just see Jenny as she has a sign in her car and will take and upload one for you!

More details on options for involvement and the campaign generally are attached in their promotional information here… (please share the document among your networks too).

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