They say the world is getting smaller, that we’re becoming a global village… but there are still so many people who have not had the opportunity to know the Lord of love, to hear the good news that sets captives free.

CoroUniting commissions individuals and families who are called to share the good news of Christ in words and actions by living and working in other cultural contexts. We currently have five partnerships with Cross-Cultural Workers who have been commissioned and sent out from CoroUniting.

Many exciting ministries are also happening through others beyond Australia’s shores, and we love to build relationships with some of these. Two we have ongoing connection with are the Saiyarak  group and Project Kola.

Tips for churches supporting returning mission workers: Re-entry refers to the return to the passport country/culture of origin of someone who has lived in another culture. As a spacecraft returning to Earth suffers intense stress, a person re-entering their passport country can suffer stress in many ways. These helpful tips are really just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, covering a few of the most common stresses.

Header image Vietnam Haiphong, courtesy BigFoto.