Saiyarak, an HIV/AIDS support group in Nan Province, Thailand, is a group of about 40 adults and children affected by HIV who provide a network of support in their communities, through microenterprises, education support, health education, holiday programs, and family support.

They are supported within Thailand by the Church of Christ in Thailand AIDS Ministry (CAM)  based in Chiang Mai. We send a team from Coromandel Valley occasionally to continue to build relationships with Saiyarak and CAM to complement our financial and prayer support. The next trip with a team from CoroUniting will be in 2017. Further information and an Expression of Interest form will be posted here when available. Enquiries can be directed to Abbi Gottsche (0402 786 265).

A comprehensive Saiyarak Q&A has been written to answer any questions and provide further information. The Saiyarak support team at CoroUniting meets quarterly and produces regular updates, the latest of which can be viewed here.

Education Support: One of the key ways in which we financially support Saiyarak is through our Saiyarak Child Sponsorship, enabling sponsors to support a particular child in their journey through the education system.

If you are interested in supporting Saiyarak financially, download the latest Support Form or email the Church Office.