Online worship - Sunday 22 March

Join us this morning for our first online worship service!

Navigate to [corouniting.online.church](https://corouniting.online.church/) before 10am when the service will automatically start.

You may need to adjust your volume and it seems from our tests that if you are watching on a mobile device you also have to click the 'play' icon you'll see in the centre of the video (you'll need to do this as soon as it appears to ensure you don't miss out on the opening part of the service). If all else fails, navigate [here](https://youtu.be/mxj8l34445A) around 10am to play the video directly from YouTube.

The whole video is around 35 mins long and includes a short opening, some worship (recorded from last year) and then a message from Simon.

We understand that this is different - it is for us all - however we encourage you to enter into it wholeheartedly. We'd love to get your feedback on your experience as well - we anticipate that next week will look different again as we tweak and adjust various things.

Families with young children

If you have young children, we encourage you to participate as you are able. From next week we will be providing additional resources, ideas and videos - unfortunately we have not been able to organise that in time for this weekend. We would however encourage you to maybe find a time this weekend to check out the [Lent Resources](https://www.corouniting.org/resources/lent-resources) page on our web/app for a wide range of family friendly activities for Lent.