Are you a fan or a follower?

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10 November, 2019Dave ShepherdCUSundayNight

Dave speaks about the difference between a fan and a follower. He talks about boating mishaps and the gospel.

Listen here.

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The Marvel Franchise and a bloke from Nazereth

20 October, 2019 Craig Bailey

Craig talks about the Marvel Franchise and expanding your attentional capacity.

Listen here.


Running the race that is before us

15 September, 2019 Peter Riggs

Pete doesn't talk about guinea pigs, but about sporting grand finals and the race that God has already run for us.


Our words as a blessing and God washing us clean

18 August, 2019 Adi Francis

Adi and Jim talk about how our words have the potential to bring life or to take life. God leads us to bless others with our words and thoughts. Jim talks about his journey and how God has washed away the effects that words and circumstances have had on his life.


The hope we possess

16 June, 2019 Mike Potter

Mike speaks about the hope we have in Jesus and how this should permeate all we do.


Remnant Embers

19 May, 2019 Adi Francis

Adi talks about starting a fire from embers. He looks at how God has moved in the past, and poses a few questions on "Why, Not Now?"


The Happiness Lie

7 April, 2019 Steph Tai

Steph talks about the myth posed to us that life is about striving to find happiness. But what if there is more to life than this, and where does suffering fit into this?


The God who completes

17 March, 2019 Graham Humphris

Graham speaks on Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this, that God who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."


Have you ever been lost?

17 February, 2019 Luke Austin

Luke explores Luke 15 and looks at how Jesus searches for us, he values us and he waits for us and desires to call us home.


Christmas and guinea pigs

2 December, 2018 Peter Riggs

Peter talks about Christmas, guinea pigs and the vulnerability of Christmas. Apologies for the audio drop out at the start.


Comfy Cushions

14 October, 2018 Adi Francis

A great message from Adi Francis - interesting title...!


Life is Messy

9 September, 2018 Mike Potter

Mike talks about how even though life can throw us some curve balls, God is with us in the mess.



8 July, 2018 Dave Shepherd

This is our first attempt at a podcast - there are a few glitches (apologies, we will get better). The message from Shep is great, enjoy.