Life Group Leaders Training Resources

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17 April, 2020

This page seeks to resource our Life Group Leaders and contains the handouts and further information from our Training Sessions. These are listed below:

We will be updating this page as further training is provided which will at this stage take place in person, covering the following topics:

Contact Cat Patrick for more information.

Also linked are the Life Group Bible Studies on 1 Corinthians 1-4 (series: Fool's Gold - Jul/Aug 2020) prepared by Graham Buxton.

Update (June 2020) - In this period of change brought about by COVID-19, many of our Life Groups are meeting online. Refer to the linked Zoom for Life Groups resource for further information. Zoom has also created a 'How to Zoom' YouTube playlist and Margaret Strickland's husband, Alan, has also put together a comprehensive document Using Zoom for Online Meetings that may be of additional help.

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