Privacy at CoroUniting

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3 October, 2018

As a church community, CoroUniting collects, stores and uses information you provide us in accordance with the Uniting Church Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Contact Person is Kathy Fopp, our Office Manager. She can be reached via the Church Office.

Privacy and Live Streaming

  • Our services are generally live streamed on both our online platform and our YouTube channel as well as available later on our website and app. Signage at the church alerts people to this and suggests sitting in the back half of the sanctuary in order to avoid being captured on video. In particular the front left section of the church (by the drum kit) is an area popular with some young families and is regularly captured on our live stream (as indicated by signs in this area).
  • If you have any questions or concerns re. your privacy in regards to live streaming, please contact Geoff Diment.

See the linked documents and website for further details including links to:

  • Privacy Manual (2014)
  • Congregation Prayer & Privacy (2014)
  • Presbytery & Synod Privacy Policy (2014)

More From 'Resources'

Life Group Studies - Lenten Series: Lamentations

Thank you to Simon for preparing this Lenten Series of Life Group Bible Studies on Lamentations. For each week there are some helpful thoughts, suggested readings and questions either for discussion in groups or for pondering on your own.

There are printed copies of each study on the Easter Resource Table at church - they are also available for download below:

- Study 1 - Lamentations intro

- Study 2 - How lonely sits the city (Lam 1)

- Study 3 - Where is bread and wine? (Lam 2)

- Study 4 - The Great Turning Point (Lam 3)

- Study 5 - How the gold has lost its lustre (Lam 4)

- Study 6 - A Prayer for Restoration (Lam 5)


2023 Bible Reading Plan

As a church we are following Tim Chester’s 3-year Bible Reading Plan, taking us through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. It’s in weekly chunks so there is no pressure if you happen to miss a day. It’s flexible and manageable. We've done it for the past 4 years and we're starting it again in 2023.

Developing a Bible reading habit can be challenging so we'd suggest doing it together. This way you'll not only read the Bible but also be able to share with others the insights you are gaining from the readings and be encouraged to keep going.

How to get involved:

- Life Groups: Get your Life Group involved and use the readings as the basis of your sharing each week;

- Solo: Read the set readings on your own and prayerfully journal your thoughts;

We'd love to have you join us!


Life Group Studies - 1 Corinthians

Thank you to Graham Buxton for preparing this series of Life Group Bible Studies on 1 Corinthians. For each set of studies there's an introduction and then short and helpful reflections with questions throughout.

The complete series are now available for download below:

- Fool's Gold (1 Cor 1-4)

- Good Different (1 Cor 5-8)

- A Different Kind of Freedom (1 Cor 9-11)

- The Greatest Thing (1 Cor 12-14)

- Risen (1 Cor 15-16)